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Bowling Shirt Styles

Boy, this is an area that is wide open. Them are a ton of bowling styles - retro, classic, modern, etc. Another way to group these shirts is by themes. Here is an attempt to show you some of them! You can click on the image to get more information on the particular style or theme and to see more cool shirts.

Retro Bowling Shirt:

Retro Bowling Shirt

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Cruisin Bowling Shirt:

Cruisin Bowling Shirts

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Tough Guy / Gal Bowling Shirt:

Tough Guy Bowling Shirts

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50's Guys and Dolls Bowling Shirts and Skirts:

Poodle Skirt 50s Guy T-Shirt

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Okay, that's just a general feel of what's out there for retro style. To see a more comprehensive line up of high quality, retro, cheap bowling shirt, click here.

Modern Bowling Shirts:

These are essentially known as polo or golf shirts. I would wear them to the office. There isn't much variation in the style. They all look similar to the one below.

Bowling Polo Shirts

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T-Shirt Bowling Shirts:

What more in there to say about t-shirts. Very casual. Very relaxed.

Bowling T-Shirts

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Bowling Shirt Type

One of the first things to consider is what type of shirt do you want? Do you want a T-shirt, traditional bowling shirts, polo, etc.

The traditional bowling shirt looks like this:

Traditional Bowling Shirt

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It is button down and has a collar with short sleeves. Most will have at least one pocket, if not two. You can get it tapered (more form fitting) with or with out pleats in the back. Box-cut (just straight up and down) is pretty popular too.

This is a classic shirt and can be customized to your tastes. See below for more information on styles of bowling shirts.

The polo bowling shirt looks like this:

Polo Bowling Shirt

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It is a pullover shirt with a few buttons at the top. It is collared with short sleeves.

This is a "business casual" shirt. Of course, what you have customized on it may take it out of the "business" category!

The bowling T-shirt looks like this:

Bowling T-Shirt

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What more is there to say about a T-shirt. They are great not just for bowling night but everyday wear.

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