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What bowling ball review are you looking for? While perfect bowling balls don't exists, wouldn't it be nice to have a bowling ball review to get one close to perfection?

Bowling Ball Review

Bowling Ball Review

I have purchased several bowling balls in my life and am always in the pursuit of the perfect ball. One that will be great for all situations regardless of heat, lane conditions, or the state of my mental game. Unfortunately, no such ball exists! But there are some really good ones out there that may help you lower your handicap. This is a general bowling ball review page. Do you have a bowling ball review done on a particular ball? Let us know. Click here.

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Brunswick Bowling ReviewBrunswick Bowling Review - Red Zone Ball

Brunswick is an awesome company and has some great bowling balls. I have always enjoyed my Brunswick bowling equipment. Here is a Brunswick bowling review on the Red Zone Bowling Ball.

If you would like to buy the Bruswick Red Zone, click here.


Brunswick Bowling ReviewBrunswick Bowling Review - Total Inferno

The Brunswick bowling review for the Total Inferno bowling ball is nothing short of awesome. This is a terrific bowling ball. Check out this video.


Want more details on the Bruswick Bowling Review - Total Inferno? Click...


Bowling ReviewBowling Review - General Thoughts About Selecting Bowling Balls

Choosing a bowling ball can be very complicated because so many factors come into play. For instance, what type of grip do you use, are the lanes oily, how much hook, etc.

These thoughts are not in any particular order, but will affect the type of ball you get.

If you are shopping for a child the ball weight should be between 6 - 8 pounds. A woman should be using a ball that is between 12 - 14 pounds. A man will typically use a ball between 15 - 16 pounds. Most professionals will use 16 pound balls. The key is to get one that is comfortable for you. Don't get one so light that you can literally chuck it down the lane. And don't get one you can barely lift! Men, don't be macho and feel you have to get the 16 pound bowling ball just because it is the biggest! It may actually ruin your performance.

How much money are you willing to spend on this bowling ball? Bowling balls can be very expensive. Some really expensive ones may cost over $200. Don't forget to factor in shoes and other equipment into your budget. A good pair of shoes is also important to improving your game. For more information on bowling shoes, click here.

After buying the ball, you are not done! You have to get it drilled. It is imperative that you get someone who knows what they are doing. I remember getting a brand new ball drilled by a "pro." This was supposed to be a great ball. When I went and used it, my score went down. I couldn't figure out what was happening. So I took the ball to another place and found out that the ball was not drilled right for me being a left-hander! So the ball was actually working against me! Boy, was I steamed! So make sure the person who is drilling the bowling ball or bowling balls for you knows what they are doing. Also, be sure to tell then whether you're left or right-handed!


Technology is Here to Stay -- a bowling ball review

There used to be a time when companies could dominate just because they were so much bigger than another company. Their size allowed them to purchase more expensive design machines, production machines, and hire the best people.

Now, because technology has become so cheap, the playing field has really been leveled. All the major companies, Columbia 300, Storm, Brunswick, AMF, are all using highly sophisticated machines to design their balls. This means that the bowling balls themselves are becoming even more sophisticated.

What does that mean when it comes to a bowling ball review?

A couple of things.

First, it means that a bowling ball that is perhaps 10 years old is not going to be in the same class as a bowling ball today. In fact, just by purchasing a new bowling ball, you may increase your average by 10 - 20 pins. And this is just from the bowling ball! I spoke with a few different pros and they confirm this!

Think about it, if you are a 150 average bowler, you can increase your average to 170 or better just by buying a new bowling ball! Mind boggling isn't it.

Second, it means that you have to do more research on your bowling balls. I'm sure you have heard it said that we live in the information age. What that means is that the winners, in bowling in our case, will be the ones who have the best information and can execute on it.

Now, don't get me wrong. The fundamentals of the game have not changed. In fact, if the fundamentals are right, they will never change. However, the information we have enhances the fundamentals and allow for even higher scores.

It is the purpose of this bowling ball review site to help you in your journey by providing bowling ball reviews. I also recommend talking to your local pro. In fact, talk to a couple of them. The really good ones will even watch you bowl and make recommendations on what type of ball to get.

Some of you are out there thinking that your bowling ball from 10 - 15 years ago is still working and there is no reason to change it.


Bowling Ball Review - Tools For Selecting Bowling Balls

OK, I know some of you are bored already with my bowling ball review and want to get to selecting a bowling ball.

Bowler's Paradise offers a great tool to select a bowling ball based on brand, weight, price, ball type, color, and finish. Give it a whirl by clicking here.


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