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Just buying new bowling balls can increase your average by 10 pins! Why?

It's technology.

The speed that balls change is moving almost as rapidly as the computers they are built on. With computer aided design, ball designers can now simulate the ball and what it can do to the pins without ever leaving their computer.

I've heard it said that if you have a ball that is 10 - 15 years old, you can increase your average by ten pins, just by buying a new ball! Hard to imagine, but true. Go ask your local pro or click here and ask these experts.

Before I go any further, here are links that you may want to check out at some time!

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Bowling Ball Companies Galore

As many ways as we seem to throw the ball without getting it perfect are the number of bowling ball companies out there!

Here is a list of who's out there:

Columbia 300
Lane #1
Roto Grop
Storm Products

All of them have staff that are trying to come out with the perfect bowling ball. If you've read Bowling Digest Magazine then you know how many bowling balls are out there! If you haven't subscribed click here for more information. This company is listed with the Better Business Bureau Online so you can be confident buying from them.

Bowling Balls Galore

Ok, let's look at various types of balls that are out there. I'll be upfront here and let you know that I am not covering everything. It would fill a book to write everything there is to write about bowling balls! Hmmmm... Maybe I'll do that! But first.

There are a lot of different ways to look at balls. For me, I ask two questions.

  1. Is this my strike ball or spare ball?
  2. If it is my strike ball, how is the oil?

This makes it really easy.

Let's talk about the spare ball first. I don't think you need any hooking to pick up a spare. I just want it to go straight at the pin(s). Of course, if you have to pick up splits or a lot of pins you may have to play it differently. However, the spare usually involves a couple of pins and only needs a straight shooting ball.

The strike ball is a little bit different. To get proper pin action for more strikes, you're going to want a ball that gives more movement.

This where things get really crazy. You have to deal with the ball's coverstock, the core, and how you drill it. Additionally, you have to determine the lane conditions. Do the lanes have light, medium or heavy oil? Is the oil length short, medium or long? All of these things mix together to give you a lot of variables to consider when picking a ball.

Let me make a side note. You can have the best ball and still be a terrible bowler. You can have the worst ball and still be a great bowler.

The key here is that while the ball can improve your game, it will not guarantee it!

How Many Bowling Balls Are Enough?

At one point in my life, I had 4 balls. Now, I have 2.

I know there are reasons to have a few more balls in the arsonal to deal with different lane conditions. And I'm all for that for people who really need them.

However, for most of us, I think two balls is plenty.

One is the strike ball. The other is for picking up spares.

I want the strike ball to give me maximum pin action. I want it to move out and hook in with bone crushing movement.

There are a several different types of these perfomance bowling balls. All the companies make them. If you want to take a look at smoe of these performance balls, click here.

Now, for my second ball, I lick to use a harder ball because (usually, I hope) I only have one or two pins left top pick up and I just aim straight at them to take them out. I like Columbia white dots for this. They are good beginner bowling balls but also great pick up balls. Click here to check out these great spare bowling balls.

Ok enough yakking from me. Find out how some general rules on how to pick a bowling ball by clicking here.


Here Are Some Comments That Have Been Posted By Other Bowlers...


    Comment by SIERRA — May 20, 08 @ 11:09 PM

  • Weight of the Ball

    Hi Frank!

    Great question.

    My friends at BowlersParadise.com have a nice answer that I quote here.

    "Before you purchase a ball, bowl with various weights until you find the weight that is best suited for you. The weight of the ball should be roughly ten percent of your body weight. Start out with the heaviest, but most comfortable weight. You want to be able to comfortably roll the ball without hurting your back. When purchasing a ball, a good rule to go by is to choose a ball that is one to two pounds heavier than the house ball you are bowling with. The reason being is that the grip on the house ball is incorrect and a custom fit ball will feel much lighter because it will be easier to hold on to.

    If you are a novice, bowl three games in a row and by the third game your ball may start to feel a bit heavy. This is normal. A ball that is made just for you can increase your score. In other words, it provides consistency. Having finger holes drilled to your hand specifications will keep your hand relaxed and let you roll the ball with little effort.

    Once you know the ball weight you need, you can use our Advanced Ball Search to find all balls in your weight quickly and easily."

    Comment by Ed — Feb 02, 08 @ 04:22 PM

  • weight of the ball
    i weighted 155 with 5'7" tall, and right handed what is the correct weight of the ball i should use for strike ball?

    Comment by franky — Feb 02, 08 @ 04:16 PM

  • New Look of Bowling Tips and Tricks
    I like the new look of your bowling web site. Much easier to navigate and just look great!



    Comment by Bill — Jan 20, 08 @ 11:22 PM

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