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Do you want a 1, 2, 3 or more ball bowling bag? What materials does this bowling bag have to have to be durable? After all, you wouldn't want a 15 pound ball falling on your foot, would you?

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It's just a bag - bowling bag, that is...

Bowling BagI used to say that. But after not being able to fit everything, not being able to find the tools I needed right away and the strap hurting my shoulder, I stopped thinking that it just a bag bowling.

Know what you want in bowling bags, save a headache.

Bowling BagsBefore you go and buy a cheap bowling bag, you better know what you want the bag to do. Not just right now, but think a little down the line.

Here are some bowling ball bag questions to ask:

  1. Bowling Ball BagHow many balls will it need to hold? This is almost a "duh" question, but you would be surprised how many people think they only need a bag for one ball and end up having two or more balls in just a few months! I personally, think that most of us only need a two ball bowling bag. If you only have one, ball, just imagine all the extra room you have!

  2. Do you need it hold a pair of shoes? If you use house shoes, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you intend to get better at bowling, you will most certainly want a pair of bowling shoes of your own. Click here to read our discussion on bowling shoes.

  3. Will you be carrying this bag or do you want to roll it? When I was younger, I thought I was macho slinging my bowling bags on my shoulders. Now, I think how strange I was! The stress of the bags on your shoulders may throw your game off. Maybe not. Just think about it. If you have more than two balls, you will definitely want to think about a bag bowling with wheels.

  4. What other equipment do you have? Depending how much equipment you have will determine how much storage space your bowling bag will need to have.

  5. What is your budget? I can only tell you that sometimes you get what you pay for. Top quality and well designed bags are going to cost more. However, they will probably last longer and you will be much happier with them. On the other hand, I would rather spend more money on a good bowling ball and bowling shoes than a bag. The bowling bag is not integral to the bowling game.

Who's has the best ten pin bowling bag...

I wish I could look into my crystal ball and tell you who has the best bowling bag. Unfortunately, that is an individual preference thing.Basically, everyone and grandma, sells bowling bags. Below are a list of manufacturers, the warranty for their bags, and a comparison of value for the bags. You can click on the name and be able to see a listing of discount bowling bags they offer. You can also click on the bag name to see more details about the bag. Note: "discount" does not me cheap quality.

* For the Cost Per Year, I looked at similarly priced 2-ball bowling bags. I then divided the price over the number of years of the warranty. The lower the number, the better the value.

Manufacturer Warranty Period Bag Name Cost of Bag Cost Per Year*
AMF 3 yr AMF Double-Ball Roller 79.99 26.66
Brunswick 5 yr Pro Players Sq. Double Roller 84.99 17.00
Columbia 300 1 yr Roll-X2 78.99 78.99
Ebonite 1 yr Voyager II 89.99 89.99
Hammer 1 yr 2 Ball Roller 89.99 89.99
KR 5 yr SE Double Roller Square 89.99 18.00
Storm 1 yr 2 Ball Traveline High Top 89.99 89.99

OK, so what does all this mean.

My professors, always like to use the term "all things being equal" meaning if everything was the same except the price. In the above example, if you judged just on price, then the Brunswick Pro Players Sq. Double Roller is the best value because it would only cost you $17 over the course of 5 years. The KR SE Double Roller Square comes in second at a cost of only a buck more at $18 over 5 years. And third places goes to the AMF Double-Ball Roller at $26.66 per year to own.

Of, course, I always took issue with my professors (I'm a rabble rouser). There isn't a perfect world (this side of heaven). And all things are not the same with bowling bags.

So, you have to know what you're looking for (see the questions above). Then you just need to make a choice. I think any of the bags I listed above are excellent. But if your want to do your own research, click here for bag, bowling bags, that is, information.

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  • roller bages
    iam hoping u can answer my ?. i have been looking for an 8 ball carrier and its called ( pro donkey ) and i cant locate any on line. can u help me locate new ones or used ones thx a lot .

    Comment by steve carter — Mar 08, 08 @ 04:38 PM

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