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The evolution of the American flag, which can be proudly displayed on American Flag T Shirts can show how the stars and stripes have grown over time to become today’s national flag.  Every country has its own flag for identification, however the American flag is one of the easiest to recognize in the world

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Just like flying the flag outside your home or vehicle, you can display your proud patriotism by wearing American flag t shirts.  You’ll show everyone that special, strong symbol of the people of the United States with your American flag t shirts.  It will give you the sensation of supporting and comforting your nation as it has always supported and comforted you.

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American Flag T Shirt

For the same reason that politicians are rarely seen without a display of American flags when the public, you can show how much this country means to you through American flag tee shirts.  You’ll notice the great emotion that most Americans feel, when you display the flag on your American flag t shirts.

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No one knows who actually designed the symbol on your American flag t shirts, however, Congressman Francis Hopkinson is frequently given the most credit, and there are a few historians who still think that it was Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress.

American Flag Shirts

It is believed that when the flag was first designed, the colors didn’t have any meaning or symbolism, however, today the colors on your American flag t shirt represent purity and innocence - by white - hardiness and valor - by red - and vigilance, perseverance, and justice - by blue.

American Flag Tee Shirt

While the flag on your American flag tee shirt has many different nicknames, none have stuck better than “Old Glory.” This nickname began in 1831, when Captain Stephen Driver, a Salem , Massachusetts shipmaster, was presented with a 24-star flag.  As it was raised into the ocean breeze, Driver exclaimed “Old Glory!”

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Naturally, Captain Driver’s flag isn’t exactly the same as the one that you’ll see on your American flag t shirt, however, it stands for the same thing.  It has a different number of stripes, and many more stars, but it always declares the number of states in the union. 

American Flag Shirt

When you wear American flag t shirts, you’re wearing a piece of history, as well as one of the most recognized symbols in the world.  There’s a copy of it on the moon, at the top of Mount Everest , and all over the most powerful country on the globe.

American Flag Tshirts

There are many things that you can learn about the symbol on your American flag t shirts, such as the long history, many myths, and some interesting facts.  You can check this out on the internet, or in your local library.

American Flag Tshirt

American flag t shirt are among the best ways to show your patriotism and pride about your country.  Share this sensation with everyone, and get to know the many people around you who feel the same way about living with freedom and liberty.

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