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American eagles, such as those on an American eagle t shirt, are members of the Accipitridae family, to which also belong old-world vultures and hawks

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Bald Eagle T Shirt

On your American bald eagle t shirt, you’ll see a bird that has a blackish-brown back and breast, with a white head, neck, and tail.  The feet and bill of this bird are both yellow.  The female of the species ranges from 35 to 37 inches in length, which is slightly larger than the male, who tends to be around 30 to 34 inches long.  The wingspan of the female can be from 79 to 90 inches wide, and that of the male is 72 to 85 inches wide.  The American bald eagle tends to weigh between 10 and 14 pounds.

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American Eagle Shirt

The bird depicted on your American eagle t shirt is unique, as it is the only eagle that is entirely confined to the North American continent.

If you care for your American eagle t shirt, you can get about as many years out of it as a real American eagle would live.  This bird can live as long as thirty years, though it will usually live to be somewhere between fifteen and twenty years of age.

American Eagle T Shirts

Eagles have a special advantage, as they sit at the very top of the food chain, though in today’s world, this also works as a disadvantage, as they become more vulnerable to the toxic chemicals which exist in the environment.  Every link of the food chain picks up a bit more of the chemicals than the link before it, and therefore, should the eagle survive off animals that are several “links” up the chain, they are prone to a great number of toxins.

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Bald Eagle Shirt - Amazing

You won’t hear much from your American bald eagle shirt, but the real bird’s voice is shrill, high pitched, and twittering.  Though they don’t actually have vocal cords, they produce their sound through the syrinx, which is a bony chamber where the trachea is divided in order to reach the lungs. 

American Eagle Shirts

Among other things, the wings of the American eagle on your American eagle t shirt are extremely interesting to see.  They are long and broad, so that they are quite efficient for soaring, with limited turbulence as air passes over the end of the wing.  The feather tips at the end of the wings are tapered, so that they are widely separated when the wing is fully extended.

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To help themselves soar, American eagles have a special technique for using “thermals,” which are updrafts and rising currents of warm air, which are generated by different terrains, such as the edges of valleys, or the slopes of mountains.  For this reason, American eagles need very little wing-flapping in order to soar, so that they can conserve energy.

Eagle T Shirt

It’s rare for an American eagle t shirt to be able to depict the feathers of the bird in a true way, as each American eagle has approximately 7,000 feathers which are each very strong and flexible,  yet light since they are hollow.  However, with a little imagination, you can still envision each and every plume that is implied on your American eagle t shirt.

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